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Construction Safety Net

Construction Safety Net

Construction Safety Net, Construction Scaffold Net, Building Safety Net, Debris Netting, Scaffold Netting or Scaffolding net is made by HDPE with UV, primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site. It improves site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside the working area.

Construction Safety Net is made from HDPE, the material with high strength and durability,Often used in high-altitude construction equipment installation or technical performance. This safety net is for construction in case of dropping of building materials or work staff, using construction net surround whole building, protecting high space work staff and walking men, also keep working place clean.

Raw material: HDPE
Weight: 60Gsm-360Gsm
Color: Green, Blue, Black
Wire: Mono+Mono mono+Tape
Size: 2x50m, 4x50m, 6x50m, 1x50m or as customer’s request
Delivery time: 40days
MOQ: 1000kg

Construction Safety Net Product Details


  1. Construction: Scaffolding Netting is a lightweight HDPE debris netting,is used to circle the building site,in order to protect the construction material or workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.
  2. Animals feeding and protect : can used for temporary fencing feed lots, chicken farms,etc.or protect plant against wild animals.
  3. Public areas: provide a temporary fencing for children’s playground,as a shade sail parking lot, swimming pools, beaches etc.
Construction Safety Net Applications

Product Packing

Construction Safety Net Packing

Construction Safety nets are used at high-rise building construction sites for preventing accidental fall of people or objects from the site. Construction safety nets are the safest and cost effective fall prevention system in the world. Construction safety nets are flexible plastic nets made from HDPE or High-density polyethylene raw materials. Construction safety netting system is also known as debris netting which can be installed both horizontally or vertically according to the requirements.

The best practice of construction netting is to wrap up the whole construction site from bottom to top, which works as a protection wall to prevent anything from falling without blocking the view. Safety net installation at any building site requires professional expertise and technical knowledge

Construction Safety Net Quality
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