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Weedmat, Weed Control Mat

Weedmat, Weed Control Mat

Easy to use. Simply lay and cover with a mulch, helps prevent weed growth and tidy’s up weed strewn areas. Marker line is for straight planting.

Weedmat is designed to ‘breathe’, which means water and air flows through the Weedmat, promoting healthy soil and plants. It inhibits weeds growth and greatly reduces the need for harmful sprays, making them a good choice for a cleaner landscape.

This Weedmat is trong and durable (5 years) and easy to install yourself, our Weedmats comes in 4 sizes for your convenience.

Specification of Weedmat

Weedmat Spec A: 2 meter x 200 meter
Weight: 36kg (1 roll)

Weedmat Spec B: 1.2 meter x 200 meter
Weight: 21kg (1 roll)

Weedmat Spec C: 2 meter x 30 meter
Weight: 5.4kg (1 roll)

Weedmat Spec D: 2 meter x 10 meter
Weight: 3kg (1 roll)